The Poets Are Coming (2022)

A hand-drawn animation using audio from Lawrence Lipton's "A Poem in Protest Against the Lockout of Poets, Painters, and Musicians from the Gashouse in Venice West" from 1959.

The 4chan Algorithm (2020)

A desktop documentary on one of the darker corners of the internet.

DAN (2022)

A short animation about a curious computer.

A Dangerous Solution: DRM and How We Got Here (2021)

A video essay on the predatory landscape of video game piracy protection.

In Our Backyard: A Generational Retrospective (2021)

A piece of photogrammetry art created in collaboration with my parents.

The Dark Batphone (2020)

A supercut, made using footage from The Dark Knight, 2008.

The Glory of Friendship (2020)

A video epigraph, made using footage from the Dark Knight, 2008.

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