THE ARTIST — Nick Escobar
Nick Escobar is an artist and computer scientist working at the intersection of the two fields. Central to his art is the question: how do we interact with technology?
A recent graduate of Occidental College, Nick learned there to blend what he learned in his computer science  classes with his arts training to create projects from a unique perspective, and to accept almost everything as a form of art. His background in graphic design and minimalism especially inform his artwork, and his unique style can be seen nearly everywhere in his work, from animation and photography to UI designs.
Nick's passion for learning new skills led him to work in many different mediums once he got to school, including: screenwriting, photography, drawing, video game design, photogrammetry, web design, animation, sound, video essays and more.
All art on this website was created by Nick Escobar and N. Escobar Media.