One of the projects I've been working on is something I'm calling
Codename: Leatherworker
A slightly over the top name, but I like it. It's a series of keyboard cables that use leather wraps instead of heatshrink and leather as an accent.
It's currently in its early iterations, but you can see the progress here:
Leatherworker v0.1
This was the first wrap, over heatshrink to see if it would work at all. I liked it, so I decided to keep working on it. Made in October 2020.
Leatherworker v0.2 — Jackie
The second try at wrapping leather, this time directly on the metal. Also my first coil, and you can see an in progress picture. Jackie was made for my Halloween themed board in Oct. 2020.
Leatherworker v0.3 Adam
The first full length Leatherworker cable. Uses a double aviator connection and has brown leather wrapping and decoration. Closer to what the final product would be. Leather wrap hasn't held up as well as Jackie's. Adam is my personal cable, until the next Leatherworker revision. Made on Oct. 25th, 2020
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